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PVC Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as vinyl, is commonly abbreviated PVC. The product, which is a type of polymer that is produced in the petrochemical plants, is used by being transformed into the plastic with the help of various additives. This material has been approved by US Food and Drug Administration and it is proved that it doesn’t have any negative effects on the human health.

Uses of PVC?

It can be used in many areas including construction, packaging industry, production of medical equipment and automotive parts and it is widely used in everyday life.PVC parts that fulfill every need in term of appearance, can be recycled if they are collected as the paper and glass. Rather than harming the environment, this material protects the environment in the best possible way; it is more economical, it is long-lasting, it is light and it is the leader in terms of energy saving. .

How is PVC cleaned?

The PVC used in windows and doors is completely solid and does not emit any gas when used. After the assembly process, it is possible to observe the modification in the area. If any mortar material adheres to the profiles during the assembly, it is recommended to clean the profiles without scraping.If the products are used under heavy rainfall, the water discharge channels should be regularly cleaned. For extending the service life, it is necessary to use the material at 20 and 22 °C and to dry the PVC material if it is used in highly humid environments. .

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