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Polipropilen -PP

An original type of plastics, Pp – Polypropylene can be used in many different areas. PP – Polypropylene, which was discovered in 1954, was used for the first time in 1957. It is very easy to handle PP – Polypropylene. Since its density is lower and less expensive than other polymers. Accordingly, it provides an economic advance and that’s why it is largely demanded in the market.

PP – Polypropylene and Its Properties

Since the quality of PP – Polypropylene is being improved; it can be used in many areas. While it has a high fatigue strength, the product is inexpensive. However, its resistance to the impact is also high.PP – Polypropylene is the second most widely used plastic raw material all over the world since it provides an advantageous cost, it is durable and easily molded. While it is highly resistant to the solvents and chemical oils, its friction coefficient is low. In addition, it is highly resistant to the heat and humidity. Hence, it provides numerous advantages for the users.PP – Polypropylene, which can be used in many sectors such as automotive, textile, food, construction and infrastructure, is a type of plastic with thermoplastic qualities. Since PP – Polypropylene products can be processed with all actual transformation methods, you can comfortably use these products in your daily life.

Uses of PP-Polypropylene

Since it provides numerous advantages, it is highly preferred in many areas such as:

  • Bathroom appliances
  • Bahçe masaları
  • Mutfak eşyaları
  • Endüstriyel alanda ambalajlama
  • Gıda paketleme
  • Kovalar
  • Deterjan şişeleris
  • Bidonlar
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