Polyethylene (PE) – The term polyethylene describes a huge family of resins obtained by polymerizing ethylene gas, H2C=CH2, and it is by far the largest volume commercial polymer. This thermoplastic is available in a range of flexibilities and other properties depending on the production process, with high density materials being the most rigid. Polyethylene can be formed by a wide variety of thermoplastic processing methods and is particularly useful where moisture resistance and low cost are required. Low density polyethylene typically has a density value ranging from 0.91 to 0.925 g/cm³.
Applications :
  • Shrink Film, Lamination Film, Bubble Film, Textile Wrapping Film, General Packaging Film.
  • Heavy Duty Sack, Agricultural Packaging, Produce Bag, T-shirt Carrier Bag, Shopping Bag, Produce Bag.
  • Injection Molding, Houseware, Toys, Lid.
LDPE Film 0,3-0,5 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,918-0,924 ASTM D1238 ISO 1133 Shrink Film, Heavy Duy Sacks, General Packaging Film, Blown Film, Agricultural Packaging, Additional Extrusion applications are pipes, bottle, containers.
LDPE Film 1,8-2,4 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,918-0,925 ASTM D1238 ISO 1133 Shrink Film, Lamination Film, Produce Bag, Textile Packaging, Soft Goods Packaging, T-shirt Carrier Bag, Bubble Film, Shopping Bags, General Packaging Film.
LDPE Film 3,8-4,0 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,918-0,924 ASTM D1238 ISO 1133 High Clarity Laundry Bags, Textile Wrapping Films, Zip Lock Bags, Produce Bags.
LDPE Injection 17-29 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,917-0,921 ASTM D1238 Injection Molding, Houseware, Toys, Lid.