Polyethylene (PE) – The term polyethylene describes a huge family of resins obtained by polymerizing ethylene gas, H2C=CH2, and it is by far the largest volume commercial polymer. This thermoplastic is available in a range of flexibilities and other properties depending on the production process, with high density materials being the most rigid. Polyethylene can be formed by a wide variety of thermoplastic processing methods and is particularly useful where moisture resistance and low cost are required.Linear low density polyethylene is in the range of 0.918 to 0.94 g/cm³.


  • Stretch Film, Agricultural Film, Lamination Film, Coextruded Film, Shrink Film, Blown Film.
  • Carrier Bag, Garbage Bag, Produce Bag, Shopping Bag, Ice Bag, Frozen Food Bag, Consumer Packaging.
  • Blown Film Stretch Wrap.
  • Cast Film, Pallet Stretch Wrap.
LLDPE SLIP 0,9-2,2 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,918-0,921 ASTM D1238 ISO1133 Heavy Duty Liner, Carrier Bag, Garbage Bag, Mulch Film, Garment Packaging, Agricultural Film, Food Packaging, Blown Film, Refuse Sacks, Produce Bags, Lamination Film, Shopping Bags, Coextruded Films.
LLDPE NO SLIP 0,9-2,2 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,918-0,921 ASTM D1238 ISO1133 General Purpose Film, Lamination Film, Stretch Film, Industrial Liners, Blown Film Stretch Wrap, Blown Film, Agricultural Films, Produce Bags, Hand Bags, Shrink Film, Heavy Duty Sacks, Ice Bags, Frozen Food Bags, Garbage Bags, Shopping Bags, Consumer Packaging, Coextruded Films.
LLDPE CAST 2,8-3,1 (190C/2,16 KG) 0,918 ASTM D1238 ISO1133 Pallet Stretch Wrap, Lamination Film, Cast Film.